Rope a Dope

Two weeks ago, I was up against the ropes.  An ambitious challenge had turned into a lethal opponent and the loss of our support team left the remaining competitors with more than they had bargained for.  As the stress mounted a valuable lesson was learned.  The towel was thrown in and for a brief moment, I was severely dissappointed.

Then... as it often does... Life happened.  A closed door quickly revealed a window into tropical paradise, literally.  This post is coming from a hotel room in San Jose, Costa Rica.  

Tengo trabajo desino` agriculturo en Costa Rica.  

A different team has a new challenge and I have never been more excited about kicking a projects ass than I am right now.  In my first 6 tropical hours, I kissed a cute girl, ate a sapote and ID'ed the urban Grackle.  I have 2 more weeks.  You will be notified as the successes continue.  Until next time...

Hasta Luego.