This was a Birthday present for my friend Anna. The turtle eats the bugs that the flower attracts and every one is happy. I knocked it out at an art party with my buddy Yayo. everyone was happy.


Ceratotherium simum

Another Mgmt 271 lecture. A line drawing colored in photoshop. She's as endangered as she is sustainably beautiful.


Page nummer1one

So I just polished off sketch book number five... actually I hired a friend to do it for me, but either way it's full now so here is page nummerone from sketchbook number six. If my first one took 18 mnths, and my second 12 and the 3rd 9 and 4th 6 and the 5th 3 months I ought to finish this by December... Theoretically. We'll see.



I was just fooling around in red square. This little guy should land someplace good (or three places?)



This is another shining example of time well spent in Mgmt 271. I dunno what I should call it or where its gonna go. I was thinking something along the lines of Violence is the Last Resort of the Ignorant... thats an Asimov quote which I find exceedingly applicable. Either way I'll let you kow where it lands once i land it there.



So school is back in session, that means its its sticker season. Here is number one so far. If your at western he is hanging out under the skybridge. Slink by and say hi.