Summer of Love

Since we last spoke few things have changed.  I am back on Orcas, homesteading with the best of 'em.  No two days are the same and I wouldn't have it any other way.   Things are really starting to pick up speed and as I've mentioned before, I will try to keep myself busy... but not too busy.  I sense that this summer will fly by just as fast as the last.  My time will be spent playing, learning, teaching, working and saving up to buy me a truck.  Won't be much use as a landscaper without one...

Looking ahead, I can see some really great opportunities and I am blessed with the task of picking between the better of two ideals.  Thats still not an easy choice.  Either way I imagine it will involve more of doing the things I love, with the people I love in all the places that I love to be.