There and Back Again...

Add ImageLife is silly.

A year ago in January I was sitting at the very same desk in the same Seattle Public Library posting the same silly work to my silly little weblog.  This little microcosm clearly reflects a similarly unremarkable difference in the macrocosm of my yearly doings.  

I still wander from home to home with a low profile and high spirits, trying to keep my footprints small.  Three seperate masterplans are all coming together and the prospect of executing the three G's in complete accordance with the three P's is pretty exciting.  

In terms of actual production, I am pulling together a series of educational workshops to keep me busy throughout the winter. Permaculture 101 is a one day introduction to regenerative systems design (Green).  There are currently 3 presentations already nailed down in Bellingham and Olympia and three more are lining up in Seattle,  Spokane and Redmond.  For more info check out This Link.  Let me know what you think.