So last night was an interesting experience. Paul the Auctioneer round two, an adventure in the world of shameless marketing. I learned a few things in the during it all and maybe in round three I'll really hock some wares.
The show is getting good reviews on the street. Thank you again for your support. I really appreciate it and often can not really express my gratitude on the spot. So thanks for checking it out and if you haven't yet, some people might say your missing out.
Finally if Casual happens to land hear and see this I would like to say thank you for being a real person. I respect your devotion to your craft and I hope your wholetour is as fun as the NightLight. Thanks for your effort.

This is one of the ills in the show. Hes a hustler baby and he just wants you to know, that its not where he's been, its where I'm about to go...



My first tiny step into the huge world of professional art took place in a tiny coffee shop in Bellingham yesterday morning. A friend of mine hooked me up with an opportunity to hang a few pieces in The Black Drop. She helped me put it all together and I am really thankful for her support. Now as an act of shameless self promotion... You ought to check it out. The work fits the space well and four of them are already sold. It will be hanging for the entire month of December so don't rush... but don't miss it.

Other things on my mind include lurking in said coffee shop and watching people judge my work while making Christmas presents and dreaming of Tetris...

PS- Brittany thinks your cute. You should call her.