Warming Up

There has been a good deal of reflection since I last wrote. I will try to keep it brief but help you understand where I currently am.

Learning, working and enjoying oneself are all great ways to spend time. The last year of my life has contained a good deal of each though the relationship between the three has seemed a bit erratic. It can be hard to see where those three activities overlap, abut or totally deviate from each other. In hindsight it is all making perfect sense and as this spring draws near I am beginning to understand the successes, failures, mistakes and lessons from the previous leg of my journey.

Looking forward, my role is becoming a little more defined. Too much pressure will crush you. Not enough and your left empty. Finding a position, where one can confidently contribute, continue to learn, and appreciate the interplay between those roles is certainly tricky. A few projects on my horizon may offer up a chance to do just that.

Again, the potential is piling up. Hopefully some of those past experiences will help me sort through the heap. By the looks of it, there are some premium prizes within. Take for instance, an alpaca hat. Or ceviche. Or chorrizo made from a friend (pig) by a friend (human). Una selva de la frutas tambien. Y dibujos en libros con casas, y arbolitos, y animals, y communidad. Si. En espanol. Veo trabajar en condado Whatcom tambien. No caca. Hasta luego.