So after a fantastic presentation we are begining to Converge. I am anxious to meet these folks and hear their experiences, ideas and solutions for the future. I will take notes for anyone who wishes...

It all feels a little surreal...


Real eyes realise.

So I am on the road. First stop is Seattle to attend a presentation by David Suzuki and a follow up creative session with Sustainable Cascadia. The bus south was 40 minutes late... not such a bad deal considering I sat next to David Suzuki on the ride down. He and I sustainably lowered our carbon footprints together though we didn't talk much. Needless to say I was a little excited as this was my first real encounter with such a meritorious intellectual celebrity. This excitement was expressed in a picture I conjured up during the 1:45 minutes we spent together and was appparently quite obvious as his only real comment was... "Its Pretty Phallic." I'll try harder... or maybe less hard nextime..



I have just completed another smaller notebook. 200pgs of notes on everything from Meterology to Noam Chomsky. After the battle I flipped through the mess in search of heroes. This is one of a few. They all represent sketches for much larger more refined images, I just haven't gotten that far yet.


Free Bird

It is a strange thing... to say over and over again, to your self and to others, the things that you want the most... because as you accquire all of those things, you lose that topic for conversation.

At this point I have streamlined my entire existence into the confines of an imaginary box of about 4x4x6. I have simultaneously loosened my ties to any particular institution and now appear to be floating about, awaiting the next most appealling invitation. Until it comes I will try to walk softly.


Song Birdsinging

So it has been a while since my last update. Sorry for the wait & thanks for the support/comments.

The most recent news is that I have been invited to Exos Design Inc. as an Art Intern to work on Sustainable Systems Design and Site Development. The company is quite small (exosdesign.com) and based on Orcas Island at the Bullocks Permaculture Homestead. Over the winter I will work on and off of the island doing some landscape design and such. Come spring time I will start the traditional Bullocks internship and live/work on the island for an entire growing season (hopefully). After that its pretty much up in the air. Perhaps something like developing a non-profit Urban Environmental Rehabilitation Design Corps and working with the middle class intellectuals searching for a more meaningful existence. Let me know if you are interested.

Also, Prints of some of this work will be mounted and sold on Saturday at the Farmers Market in Bellingham. I will be near La Fiamma Pizza so stop by and say hi. Hope to see you.