I recently tied two of my worlds together in a very real way.  After living and working in two seemingly separate habitats for the past six years, a short bike trip and boat ride put it all into perspective.  It was a very encouraging realisation that these two places are so much closer than one might think.

It was also very encouraging to spend time in the presence of genuine superheroes.  Some people just understand what is really valuable in this world.  To share those things with them is a good step towards gaining that understanding for yourself.  

In the mean time I am back at home trying to keep the fire stoked, but not too hot; keep the pans clean, but well seasoned and to keep an eye on the future while not losing sight of whats right in front of me.  If all goes as planned it should be a pretty good year.

PS-  If you ever get to see the original drawing for this post... consider yourself blessed.