I land soon

My nomadic winter is coming to an end.  In short time I will be back on my tent platform, waking up with the birds, working with the plants, playing with my heroes and sleeping with the stars. 

It happened again.  That same deal, where I voice a masterplan of mine and find myself deep in the experiences I outlined some months down the road.  This time it was regarding a educational opportunities.  After 6 workshops and 3 college presentations I realised that I am teaching sustainable design and that I love it.  

Now that this "talk & walk" phenomonon is so well documented I think it is time I began to test its potential.  So...

When I go back to the farm I will focus on learning how to run a landscape design/build company.  By studying all aspects of the business I should be able to start my own small potato practice or team up with an all star team of superfolks and unleash the unimaginable powers of conscious redesign, actualised potential, place making, community development and collective genius. 

Big or small, its gonna be a lot fun.  After reading my previous posts I have noticed that many of them end with an invitation to either write a comment, send me an email, take a course or just touch base.  This post will follow suit as well as put out the invite to any and all who are interested in working with me come fall.  I will HQ in Bellingham but I range far and wide.  Collaboration is my new favorite hobby so let me know what your up to and I bet we could kick some ass together.   Until then...