The challenges of writing your own schedule seem particularly special.  When the road in front of us goes wherever we tell it too, its hard not to move too fast.  I have been trying to keep as busy as I need to, though I will continue to calibrate my system.  Right now I work in and out of my bedroom, in the morning, in the night time, in the afternoon, or not all.  Its pretty fun and as the line between work and life gets more and more fuzzy, I say let it go.  If it works out right, we won't even go to work anymore as everything we need is right at home.


Settling Down...

It seems like the transitional theme is going to carry through the holidays.  Having been in and out of my new home so much, I am little disorientated  but damn am I ready to lay some roots.  It's like I stepped away from town just far enough to see the beauty of the bigger picture.  A few pieces of what I enjoy so much are starting to come together, including but not limited too, a guerilla art gallery, putting gardens on top of athletic fields, super funky dance parties and splitting wood with friends.  As the winter approaches I am feeling pretty warm and cozy... but deep down on the inside I cannot wait for this spring.  See you there.