The Long Run...

At times, being comfortable seems like worthwhile pursuit. As in most cases though, too much of a good thing... and pretty soon your pursuing something else.

A routine developed this summer. All of our projects were well enough managed, free time was enjoyed and the life was pretty fat. After settling into this position I came to realize that a few things were missing. Specifically, full stewardship of a small piece of land, consistent professional work throughout the winter and all winters to come, and an Ox cart.

These ideas are not totally new and instead have been buried under a pile of other plans. As another birthday passed and the whole experience came under review I realised that the old plans were losing steam and new inspiration would be necessary. Inspiration comes in many beautiful forms, including home loan info packets, hanging valleys with alpine lakes and waltzing in my kitchen. After a good deal of questions and consideration, the new goals have been clearly identified (see above) and forward progress has already begun. Though I cannot see from here, the road looks to be 4 years long, so stay tuned for new projects this winter, a housewarming party someday and the eventual painting of the Ox Cart.


Where its At

This has been an interesting time of year. The work load is growing, and growing and growing and growing. In fact I have never had this much work on my plate. It's an interesting position to be in and I suppose it qualifies as good problem to have... given the alternative.

The challenge is, as always, finding balance. Working all the time has its perks, but finding time for a little relaxation is critical. These days, that relaxation is often found in card games, square dances, house plants and bike rides. Cold beverages also help.

As a light at the end of the tunnel, the usual summer events are coming up. These are familiar, rewarding and simple endeavors which help to mark the progression of the year. I look forward to them as I keep digging into that pile of work. I'm getting pretty comfortable behind the shovel and consequently getting a bit more fit, a bit more paid and still having a good bit of fun.


Getting Grown

Spring is in full effect.  Projects are starting up all around us and we are doing our best to keep them healthy, happy and looking forward to a verdant summer.  

Wrapping up a big professional project from Costa Rica feels really great.  Working on some big volunteer community projects here in town also has its rewards.  The real goal now is to apply the super professional quality to the dream volunteer project and line up a decade of meaningful work for me, my friends and our community.
One step at a time though.  The next move forward will involve another couple of community work projects in order to show our fellow Hamsters what sort of potential this little city really has.  After that, we will line up an all-star team, pick a few key partners and start another epic adventure.  We'll keep you posted.


Rope a Dope

Two weeks ago, I was up against the ropes.  An ambitious challenge had turned into a lethal opponent and the loss of our support team left the remaining competitors with more than they had bargained for.  As the stress mounted a valuable lesson was learned.  The towel was thrown in and for a brief moment, I was severely dissappointed.

Then... as it often does... Life happened.  A closed door quickly revealed a window into tropical paradise, literally.  This post is coming from a hotel room in San Jose, Costa Rica.  

Tengo trabajo desino` agriculturo en Costa Rica.  

A different team has a new challenge and I have never been more excited about kicking a projects ass than I am right now.  In my first 6 tropical hours, I kissed a cute girl, ate a sapote and ID'ed the urban Grackle.  I have 2 more weeks.  You will be notified as the successes continue.  Until next time...

Hasta Luego.