Cruising Altitude.

It is almost like I know what I am doing... but not quite.

Things are going very smoothly these days.  Work has been coming in at a consistent yet manageable flow.  There is even some degree of security with contracts being signed for future projects and invitations to new positions.  I feel compelled towards some small scale expansion/refinement of my processes, even bringing others in on some appropriate projects.

Within all of this there even exists a bit of relaxation and freedom.  Time to garden, tan hides, draw and mess around with my bikes.  Like I said, it's almost like I know what I am doing...

There is certainly a mountain or two to climb in the not too distant future but I feel comfortable in my current state and I imagine it will be an excellent challenge with some appreciable benefits upon completion.  I will let you all know how it goes.  Until then... Be Well.