All is Well...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope everything is going well and that everyone is in the grateful spirit. We are here in Spokane. Take Care.


...and to you.

These past couple of days have been quite relaxing. I recently opened a much larger sketchbook and have largely been working on the production of a larger body of larger work. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.


Starshining Bright above Me...

After a week long sensual massage of my mind, body and soul I am back at my sisters house, restructuring my aura. For this I am using a schnauser, some UFC and an 11x17 sketchbook. This piece was created during an art party at The Heartwood Institute where Exos Design was doing some sustainable consultancy. The work is not yet done and I have come to believe that it shall never be. Thats why I call it my dream job.


Working It.

So here is a first sample of the work that I am working on. All I can really say is that this is hardly working and I am working reallly hard.


In The Beginining...

God hired Exos to provide consultancy on his systems design in order to gather a full comprehension of the environment and resources that she was working with and how he may best actualize its visions.

ATTENTION!!! This is a call for Addresses of the individuals who visit this site. I am on the road for a bit and should like to try a few new things. Mail could just be the next best thing. Just post it or email it to Kearsleydesign@gmail.com. Danke.


The New Coolesthing

So here it is. The new coolesthing to hit my life since the End of Education. Exos Design Inc. has incorporated me into their next Sustainable Site and Systems Design Process. For any one in the know, this is why I did not go to Spain. This may be my first step into a long and healthy effort to redesign all of western culture. If thats too large, perhaps just a significant portion of the PNW, which will subsequently secede from the union and develop into the new real western world where responsible intelligent individuals watch eachothers back during our most dynamic of futures.

The whole floating about thing was fun for a week but now I have a purpose, a job and something to look forward to over the next short while. I will continue to do the blogging thing as best as I can and thanks again for the comments.