Dangerously Creative

Its fun to embrace the flow of life as I move from phase to phase.  Each little step has its own unique character from which I try to learn.  This ungrounded sensation taught me a good deal about the value of space.  Finding good space, sharing space, not having space.  It all takes a certain getting used to.

 In one night, I will be moved into a new space, which is looking like an incredibly awesome potential.  There are certainly a few holes to patch but the bigger picture is rich with the pieces I have been longing for...  a shop, a yard, my own room and very little oversight monitoring the creative process.  There are a few big irons in the fire but I am certain they will be well formed by the time they are needed and after that we're gonna use these tools to move mountains... of mulch, and poo, and bricks, and compost, and food...  Lots of yummy food.   


A Drift...

After recently moving out, without a real move in to follow it up, I have felt a little ungrounded.  It's a funny lesson.  After spending two years in my backpack, four walls and a room to call my own were almost a novelty.  Now that I am without these elements, their full value is clearly understood.  My life and work are currently scattered throughout the city, boxed up in a circus shed or in desperate need of repair.  It's rough too, because I was just starting to gain momentum.  Now the challenge will be to hold that energy on my own as I have very little space to plant it...  I guess I will see what sorts of hospitality Bellingham has to offer.  It won't be too long though.  Soon, we will have a place to call our own and a dangerous level of creative freedom.  I am sure I will survive this next step but I am cetainly looking forward to life after this phase...  Until Then.... Be Well.



When everything is working together, better than you could ever imagine...  it's pretty spooky.  There is a certain type of energy that builds and as I am watching this happen, I can't help but feel a few goosebumps rising on my neck.  Watching  little opportunities come about, then align into bigger opportunities, then align yet again into a very slim chance at something next to miraculous... is very remarkable thing to witness.  Flowing through all of these perfectly aligning holes at exactly the right time will be a definite challenge.  My plan is to keep doing what I am doing and not get to preoccupied with the magnitude of this potential.  Its better to not get one's hopes up about chances as slim as these, however I can't help but feel incredibly blessed to bear witness to my particular perspective.

I know this is all very cryptic and I keep it that way for good reason.  If this one does pan out as I am seeing it... reflecting on this message will be a nearly surreal experience.  I will keep you posted as best as I can and if you have any to spare, please wish me luck.  



My most recent sojourn was certainly one to remember.  I made plenty of new friends ( Hello to any and all new attendees :), learned all manner of things and returned home with a fresh sense of inspiration.  As soon as I got back I took up a few new positions where this inspiration might manifest into some pretty fun projects.  The same rules are going to apply... 

1. You have to do something. 
2. You can't do it all.  
3. You'd better like what your doing.

That being the case, I plan to stay the course I'm travelling.  As the slow climb up takes me out of the trees, a neat new perspective is starting to emerge.  The views are bit more epic, and the forest is becoming a bit more clear.  A few monuments are helping me orient myself and I feel like things are only looking up.


The Swells

Summer is moving along quite smoothly.  The milestones come and go with the breeze and plans are already surfacing for winter activities.  My world is growing and shrinking with a confusing consistency.  In one moment, the whole picture is so visible the beauty is overwhelming.  The next moment I'm buried beneath all of the ugly details that come with reality.  This process repeats itself as I swim between the swells.  It's all good though.  The water is warm and clean and the sun is shining.  Our garden is growing with serious vigor and the prospect of finding a new place to live is very entertaining.  It will be interesting to see how this summer is reflected upon and I imagine that some of the choices made in the next few weeks will largely shape that reflection.  My goals and perspective remain the same throughout...  To do as much as I can and no more.  I will let you know how it is all going the next time we speak.  Until then, Be Well. 


Process : Product

These past couple of weeks have been filled with short servings of some very curious realities.  Each of these little worlds were so close, as if they were viewed through the keyhole of an unlocked door.  It can be a bit overwhelming to see so much potential laid out before you.  I have had to employ some powerful tools in order to keep from lunging at these passing opportunities.  

Regardless of all of these alternative paths the one I have laid out already, the one I am currently walking is pretty perfect.  There are challenges, rewards, scenery and some far out characters.  This journey is almost entirely of my own design and as I look down the road I can see clearly that I am heading right where I want to go.  



Im not sure what to write right now, but I wanted to get this picture up before too long.  I have started a new sketchbook with the specific goal of saturation.  As the spring time comes on hard its pretty clear that our once sparse landscape is about to fill out.  My personal schedule has recently lulled a little as a few old projects wrapped up but future commitments are piling up for a pretty hectic spring tempest.  I guess its best that I just enjoy this short calm before the storm and spend my time investigating a few of the inspirational projects that have been kept on the back burners.  Think... Worm Herding.



Things are moving forward, slowly but surely.  It's funny because they are going exactly according to plans... almost uncannily so.  Winter larders are running thin and as spring approaches, the prospect of fresh new growth precariously rests on the heads of falling stocks.  There are many opportunities to make it through this transition but with limited supplies, being resourceful will be key.  

The five year plan for the last four years is almost in full effect.  The business is growing.  Our work is well received and it will be interesting to test our points of leverage.  I have a feeling that the potential is far beyond anything I can imagine...  and I am a pretty good imaginer.  All we can do now is be patient and keen, stick to the plan and make sure that we are doing all of the work that needs to be done.  With that being case... I better get back to work. 



I recently tied two of my worlds together in a very real way.  After living and working in two seemingly separate habitats for the past six years, a short bike trip and boat ride put it all into perspective.  It was a very encouraging realisation that these two places are so much closer than one might think.

It was also very encouraging to spend time in the presence of genuine superheroes.  Some people just understand what is really valuable in this world.  To share those things with them is a good step towards gaining that understanding for yourself.  

In the mean time I am back at home trying to keep the fire stoked, but not too hot; keep the pans clean, but well seasoned and to keep an eye on the future while not losing sight of whats right in front of me.  If all goes as planned it should be a pretty good year.

PS-  If you ever get to see the original drawing for this post... consider yourself blessed.


Mad Fat Businessing

It is soo much fun when you love what you're doing.  It's even more fun when you're doing something that you have been dreaming of for years... literally.  And it's even more fun when you're doing all of it with your good friends and a parrot on your shoulder... literally.  Things are picking up speed and the spring is already coming.  I have been making lots of good connections and really starting to see what the future will look like.  The forecast is... lots of gardens, lots of drawings, lots of workshops, lots of friends, lots of work and lots of fun...


On the Horizon...

Its hard to measure work. I am sure there are physics equations and technical definitions but understanding just how much you can handle is a really tricky problem. I am some sort of limbo... maybe its more of a calibration period. It seems like I need to do more though when I look at my list of things to do its a pretty healthy page of tasks. Future projects loom while past projects linger and I am watching it all from behind the windshield of a rusty old truck. Either way I can still see where I am headed and it looks to be pretty sweet. The short terms will soon be wrapped up and the most epic project to date will soon get off of the ground... or into the ground... depends on how you look at it.

For an explanation of this picture...  http://www.cascadiaweekly.com/pdfs/issues/201003.pdf