It took a while for me to realize that the the things I tell people are often quite true. That, or I say it so much that it eventually becomes the truth. Either way, I am currently working on various independent design projects and I have more in sight. As I knock one down it leads to two more, like some sort of herculean hydra. The fear of spreading myself to thin has recently enetered my considerations, which I have taken as a good sign that I am learning from past mistakes. I guess that all I can do is holdfast and keep steering towards the ultimate goal... A dirigible, a nurselog, a hobbit hole with gardens on the roof, and a passive solar design that regulates its own temperature all year round maintaining optimal conditions for the growth of various bonsai fruit trees which produce the most delicious specimens in the entire community, nay, on the entire island, and a capable woman who likes to read out loud and a well trainded dog, a flock of animals to shepard in a pasture, a reputation as some sort of wizard, a pet corvid, a removable seasonal wall in my kitchen, a chinampa to call my own, ents in the woods around my home, a bike that can carry 4 people, a library and studio, my friends, my family and pen pals... lots of penpals.



A great thing happened to me today.

For a very long time, I have had a vision.

Simple and beautiful, it encompasses life and death and presents the interdependence of the two in a model that is as tangible as it is beautiful. The design will develop as time passes but the most critical elements were secured this morning using nothing more than an ax and some friends. A well weathered snag was felled by a team of fellow designers. Swinging an axe isn't rocket science but it sure isn't as easy it sounds. Like so many things, the essence of jacking lumber is form and placement. Likewise, the design and development of my very first Nurse Log!!! will pay close attention to both form and placement. I'm gonna bury half of it so its cantilievered off of a hill side, I will innocculate it with the spores of slime molds and fungi, the strict linear characteristc will be allevieated by the scattering of smaller nurseloggy bits all of which will be troughed out filled with compost, manure and soil, planted with various berry bushes and then obscured in a carpet of sphagnumoss. The goal is lush green loaf of life and death, that harbors all types of organisms and is easily observed from the saftey of my bed. I may even pirate a drip irrigation line off of the water sytems running near my tent platform. And if I do it all right, you would never even know I'd done it. Basically, I am living my dream and I wish you all could be here... and you can, anytime you want.