Mad Fat Businessing

It is soo much fun when you love what you're doing.  It's even more fun when you're doing something that you have been dreaming of for years... literally.  And it's even more fun when you're doing all of it with your good friends and a parrot on your shoulder... literally.  Things are picking up speed and the spring is already coming.  I have been making lots of good connections and really starting to see what the future will look like.  The forecast is... lots of gardens, lots of drawings, lots of workshops, lots of friends, lots of work and lots of fun...


On the Horizon...

Its hard to measure work. I am sure there are physics equations and technical definitions but understanding just how much you can handle is a really tricky problem. I am some sort of limbo... maybe its more of a calibration period. It seems like I need to do more though when I look at my list of things to do its a pretty healthy page of tasks. Future projects loom while past projects linger and I am watching it all from behind the windshield of a rusty old truck. Either way I can still see where I am headed and it looks to be pretty sweet. The short terms will soon be wrapped up and the most epic project to date will soon get off of the ground... or into the ground... depends on how you look at it.

For an explanation of this picture...  http://www.cascadiaweekly.com/pdfs/issues/201003.pdf