When everything is working together, better than you could ever imagine...  it's pretty spooky.  There is a certain type of energy that builds and as I am watching this happen, I can't help but feel a few goosebumps rising on my neck.  Watching  little opportunities come about, then align into bigger opportunities, then align yet again into a very slim chance at something next to miraculous... is very remarkable thing to witness.  Flowing through all of these perfectly aligning holes at exactly the right time will be a definite challenge.  My plan is to keep doing what I am doing and not get to preoccupied with the magnitude of this potential.  Its better to not get one's hopes up about chances as slim as these, however I can't help but feel incredibly blessed to bear witness to my particular perspective.

I know this is all very cryptic and I keep it that way for good reason.  If this one does pan out as I am seeing it... reflecting on this message will be a nearly surreal experience.  I will keep you posted as best as I can and if you have any to spare, please wish me luck.