Dangerously Creative

Its fun to embrace the flow of life as I move from phase to phase.  Each little step has its own unique character from which I try to learn.  This ungrounded sensation taught me a good deal about the value of space.  Finding good space, sharing space, not having space.  It all takes a certain getting used to.

 In one night, I will be moved into a new space, which is looking like an incredibly awesome potential.  There are certainly a few holes to patch but the bigger picture is rich with the pieces I have been longing for...  a shop, a yard, my own room and very little oversight monitoring the creative process.  There are a few big irons in the fire but I am certain they will be well formed by the time they are needed and after that we're gonna use these tools to move mountains... of mulch, and poo, and bricks, and compost, and food...  Lots of yummy food.