This was an exciting couple of weeks.  There was a fair deal of work with which I am comfortable and competent to execute, as well as a good deal of learning new practical skills.  After a week long intensive first aid course, I feel like a much more competent citizen, with a basic understanding of how to help a person in need.  At the same time, it was a experience humbling and I hope I should never have to dress a sucking chest wound or provide traction for a broken femur.
Leadership was another interesting aspect of the course work and though I wasn't explicitly engaging in a leadership position it was neat to see those skills emerging from within the student cohort.
As summer settles in, the spring is subject to reflection.  It can be tricky to evaluate performance when your measure of success is not in line with the socially accepted standards.  That being said, it feels like things are moving in the right direction and though there is always room for improvement... the current path is certainly pleasant.  The future will consist of more of the same, with a bit of refinement.