The Alpha & Omega

Everything has one. A begining and an end. Every time I write this one down people will ask what it means. I ask them if they ever went to sunday school and usually they'll say yes... or give me some remark on how they were never force fed dogmatic sedatives by their parents. Either way this came from the day we learned all the names for God and for some reason it stuck with me for a good 16 yrs or so. The Mother, the Father, god, God, Allah, Yawai (sp?) The creator, our creator, the dude, and The Alpha and the Omega.
Personally though, I enjoy the symbols as an expression of things finite.

Life, love, knowledge, sandwiches, card games and every day of the weak.

PS. My sister said my page isn't interesting cause there isn't any writing on it( shes a gurnalist). I told her I draw my feelings and she laughed. Heres a little writing for you... Smelly.


You, you, you Otter Know

I spent my Veterans holiday wallowing in Freedom, reading The Economist, baking chocolate chip cookies and hanging out with Brendar. Later in the evening I got a productive urge and covered 13 pages of drawing then I got sleepy. Oddly enough, I dreamt of drawing...


Get Lucked UP!!!

I just hope I get lucky soon...

PS. ( Hearts, Stars, Horseshoes... )



Sometimes I think about things that are less than useful.
I also find that I draw my feelings which is a little nerdy, but it happens.
Either way I wish I had someone to share all of this garbage with.
If one's trash is anothers treasure I could be making you rich right now.

Where the cool kids are...

So I've recently picked up a little guff for not keeping this current. I didnt know I was so entertaining. I haven't scanned anything in a while but I did document a few things so heres some fuel for the fire.

Also I would like to thank anybody and everybody who has ever even looked at this, but more specifically those who have commented... Virtual or in Reality. Your support means alot to me and I plan on keeping the good work up.