This is another random composition pieced together during an art history lesson. The owl was from the print off of a girls shirt. I wanted to add a person without a head because I do too many faces lately. The flag was from the slide show about Jasper Johns and other American Dada. The bomb came up from my prior class discussion and consideration of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. The mickey mouse was from a Lichtenstein image and the statement was a sort of random selection from the lecture. I would sure enjoy some type of poetic dialogue, if any writers get inspired...

it might go something like this...

Fighting (for) Their Dream
What does it mean to export
ideals to the point of extinction
and still sell the same false
idols with all the fervor
of our grandfathers;
to talk in foreign tongues
of building new worlds that will
somehow always resemble
those they knew so well?
That we are more critical and yet
still more apathetic is due less to
a paralyzing inquisitiveness then to
a frightening subservience
to the same internalizations
that led them to their poisoned
So now, as the virginal specter
spreads its feathered wings and flys
over the homogenous chameleons
of our hegemenoy, we are here to
bear witness, to catch a fleeting glimpse
with the same view which we thought
we were fighting to supress.

For Mickey

Here you go buddy...

This was drawn and placed here for my poetry buddy Mickey. We worked last night on designing the cover. It took a bit of doin' but we got through fog and found this design. I learned a lot not working with a designer. How to collaborate efficiently was a cool new idea. The final piece should integrate nicely and if any one wants to see a copy I'll talk to mickey about printing. Thanks for the help.



So a friend of mine had a fantastic idea. He is a poet he asked me to illustrate a few of the pieces that he was looking to publish. We had a few beers and I drew some pictures. The next morning I drew a little more. This piece came out during a bus ride and phone convo with me mom. In all seriousness I have no idea what it "means" or where it came from. On that notion I gave Mickey a copy and asked him to come up with some poetry that might supplement this image. Now we wait... and when then two finally come together, I'll let it free onto the world wide web.

To be continued.


This is for my brother. (Happy Birthday DAN!!!!)

So I have been doing a lot of discussion lately... as a means of reconsidering the content of the aforementioned presentations (See lower writing) I would like to say that the people I have spoken with have some really good things to say. They have very different approaches, like my fellow facilitators in the Human Ecology course or bible Jim who stands in red square and presents his concerns on a yellow vinyl sign. It's really funny because the more I look the more I see. I see that a lot of people are arriving at the exact same points... (we are very indifferent to the suffering of others, certain institutions are acting with malicious intent, we are all in this together, we need to look into ourselves to find opportunity for change) but we are so conscious of the path that was taken that it is hard to see all of our similarities. I don't know how this relates to Horse racing but it makes me think that we are all moving in the same direction. Maybe we should reconsider our competitive tendencies and try to better understand all of the numerous elements that we do agree upon. (I think I will post a 15 page paper on one example before June 14th.)

Man this blogging thing is silly.

Thanks for the feedback Kelly and as a response:
The current situation of corndogs is very unsustainable. We first need to consider the entire concept of battered meat on sticks and how this impacts our community, our planet and the processes necessary to support our existence. After this consideration is quantified into a matrix expressing the variable impact of different types of Corndog production, we need to decide whether or not our pursuit of the corndog concept is an ethically viable use of resources. (Time, Energy, Matter) It may be that the corndog is impractical but if it is determined to be a worthwhile endeavor, how might we efficiently produce a maximum corndog yield per unit of input into our high performance corndog development system.


A Great Turning

I went to a presentation. It was given by David Korten and it was about his new book The Great Turning. The whole bit was fantastic. It started with the usual critiques of contemporary culture... Big Business has too much money, Climate Change is Real, We spend too much on weapons, THIS IS STILL AN EMPIRE etc. But then, he presented a few ideas/reasons that we might change. It wasn't anything new, but afterwards I felt a little bit relieved. People are talking about this stuff, on a larger scale than me and my croonies.

Actually, this isn't even the first time I have witnessed this type of discussion. We talked about the empire and its perceptions of race in my African Lit class, we talk about the advancement of industrialisation and the dehumanizing side effects of technological diefication in art history, Eugene Druecky spoke about finding our place in this world, taking a stance for what we believe in and then working at those ideas for the rest of your life and I watched Bob Burkebile, an Architect, give a presentation to the Green Building industry about taking responsibility for the work one does and how this impending crisis is also the greatest opportunity that our species has ever been presented with.

All of these discussions tend towards an idea of this nature. We are approaching a threshold and the direction that we chose will be decided by my generation. Not that every generation hasn't felt this way, but it is the sense of urgency that is so pervasive that makes me wonder if now, it is more true than ever before. Either way most of these events are clearly dominated by a more elderly demographic and I guess I was just wondering what type of consideration is being given to these issues, in the younger crowd. I live in a bubble in the NorthNorthWestWest. I receive little exposure to my colleagues. Maybe this is happening everywhere. Maybe not. I hope so. I am also realistic...


After a few intense discussions about surrealism I worked in my sketchbook and found this number.
Its obviously weird. I have been considering the painting idea a bit more and may use this sketch as a place to start from. Either way the most important thing is that Leizel said "You know, I used to like a few of the drawings from your other book but this one is my new favorite."

Thanks Leizel.



So I have been investigating the soviet communist experiment lately. It isn't really surprising that it failed. It wasn't really communism so much as facist despots posing as communists. After researching the work of the infamous Karl Marx I decided he had some really good ideas. I would call myself a Marxist if he did, but it seems as though that term has been polluted. Instead I will continue to float about in the political spectrum with lack of definite identity, hoping that one day policy will be developed around real ethical consideration of social, environmental and temporal well being.

In the mean time... Jesus doesn't want Lenin for Sunbeam.


This is another page of in class notes. I like the composition of this one. The detail/lack there of seems balanced and the rectangle provides setting aswell as graphical elements. I think If i worked at it, I could produce work like this in about ten minutes or so. Perhaps alongside a certain counterpart... perhaps... PARL.


It's Akwa, Baby

So this one was a trade. I figured I would put it up for a few reasons. The first is that it's kind of cute. Second, we should all consider alternate forms of currency and I'll post a third reason if I find it.

The Centerfolds

Page 20 looks like this. I was about to go to sleep. I think painting something of this nature would be pretty fun, but I have a bit to do before thats gonna happen. If anyone was wondering, heres the new master plan

1. Graduate.

2. Weaponize.

3. Dispense.

4. Training.

5. Preparations

6. Goodbye.

7. Begin.

Spring Comes.

So I just finished book number 6. 1440 pages +/- about 100 pages is the new library total. I took a few days to rest up, and then I got restless.

Friday morning I read an email from Idaho and felt like doodling (thank you Erin). I started to draw on the bus and the man next to me leans over my shoulder... "Never stop sketching." he says with quite a matter of fact. He said he had graduated from Penn State with a degree in art education. 18 years went by and he realised he hadn't drawn an inch. His advice was enough to set me running. 20 pages later on the same friday's evening, I had to thank him and everyone else who has ever urged me on. Gracias.

(Circadian Rhythms are behaviors in organisms that correspond to seasonal fluctuations. Spring Production)