Yesterday I remembered another aspect of my developing career. I want to be a Mercenary and I think I am well on my way. After hitching a ride from Olympia to Bellingham I offered my services for a tree planting operation. Thursday morning I showed up ate my rationed breakfast and then hit the front lines. 30 Fruit trees later, they gave me my lunch, and 25 berry bushes after that I got a ride back home. A fair trade. While I was deep in the trenches, I plotted my course... Hired mercenary to special forces to commandante to community leader to local politics to mayor of the city at which point I pass a proposal by which the city hires a sheperd to graze sheep across the parks and lawns and keep the city well trimmed. I nominate myself and assume the position where I live out the rest of my days, tending a flock.


Rite of Spring

I can't wait for spring time.
The first little buds are poking out and I am getting really excited. My masterplan is being pruned for a new season of growth and change. The three G's popped up for a week as nice options for growth but they have been chopped back to a lone G: Grassroots.
This little branch is already showing promise. My partner and I have nailed down five Permaculture Design 101 courses. We will also be presenting to a few college courses and participating in panel discussions all of which have been coordinated from the bottom up. This all sounds pretty official and will provide great content for my growing resume'.
However, after an exciting design charrette and some philsophical discussion with certified career academics, I feel blessed with a great sense of "Agency". This free will makes me wonder if I will ever even use my resume' again. I kind of hope that I won't have to. Instead, this "do it yourselfness" could provide project after project after job after opportunity for long enough to get me into my long planned early retirement at the ripe old age of 30. Plus or minus 2 years. I will let you know how it goes... and if you want to, I could even bring you along for the ride. Just write me...