Feelin' Special

I wish I could say a little more but I am a bit exhausted right now.  Currently, we are approaching the halfway marker of the annual permaculture design course here on the Bullocks Homestead.  In short... I am in high demand and it is a tough place to be.  I am being pulled up and down and left andf right, north, east, south and west.  I am being pulled by adults, pulled by children, pulled by friends and pullled by animals.  Its a bit much but like I said, the glass is still half full.


Family Tree

It feels like I am maturing.  I am not sure if it  is actually happening, but that is what it feels like.  

The exponential learning is slowing down and I am developing a strong familiarity with my strengths and weaknesses.  In time I should hope to embrace them all and grow into some sort of wisened community member.  It'll probably be a couple more decades but I think I am off to a decent start.  People keep telling me to keep doing what I am doing... So I will take that advice and see where I end up.